Padma erosion making people destitute in Naria

টাইমস অনলাইনঃ
Published: 2018-09-09 00:40:45 BdST | Updated: 2021-01-25 14:01:21 BdST

Thousands of people are now homeless, unemployed, hungry but none come to express sympathy for them. Hundreds of temple, mosques, multi storied buildings, schools are now under the Padma river. The furious river has been gobbling village after village and making many well-off people penniless overnight.

The Naria Upazila Health Complex has been closed as the river is now 10 metres from its walls. People are suffering from treatment crisis. 

This Padma is not the river they know. At Naria of Shariatpur, 20km from the Padma Bridge construction site, it has changed abruptly for sure. Once relatively calm and quiet in the area, it turned into an all-devouring river in just a few years.

People there are on edge as the Padma changed its course.32806628_1536430769727372_r.jpeg
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32806628_1536431572919201_r.jpegThere was a village of 2000 people in front of the bridge.

UNO Sanzida said they learnt from a survey that the water was between 100 and 250 feet deep in Naria side of the Padma and was quite shallow on the other side and that a char was forming there.

When asked about the government's measures to stop the erosion, she said it had allocated Tk 5.5 crore in two phases to put sandbags in affected areas and reduce the pace of erosion. But the sandbags were no match before the current, although they weakened its force a little.

The government has now taken up a Tk 1,097 crore project to protect the right bank.

“We will start the work possibly in November,” said BWDB Executive Engineer Safiul, also the director of the bank protection project.

Mominul Haq Sarkar, deputy executive director of the Centre for Environment and Geographical Information Service (CEGIS), the agency that predicts river erosion, said they observed that the erosion had increased.

“But without conducting a study, it is not possible to say whether it is an impact of river training,” he added.