Robi introduces Robi-servicebot robots in Bangladesh

Times Desk
Published: 2018-01-21 17:37:45 BdST | Updated: 2021-01-24 07:40:05 BdST

Robi Axiata Limited has introduced Robi-servicebots, intelligent humanoids or service robots powered by a robust cloud-based artificial intelligence platform today. The servicebots were unveiled at a ceremony held at the Experience Centre of Robi Corporate Office.

Robi’s Managing Director and CEO, Mahtab Uddin Ahmed, Chief Corporate and People Officer, Matiul Islam Nowshad, Chief Digital Services Officer, Shihab Ahmad and Head of Information Technology, Asif Naimur Rashid were present on the occasion. Mr. Asif explained and demonstrated the service features of the Robi-servicebots at the event.

At Robi-servicebot’s core is an innovative tri-polar private cloud architecture that delivers smart, personalized service in any environment, while being capable of engaging with users over natural interactions.

The Private Cloud System allows for advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) calculations along with user management, communications support, remote hardware control, data storage and more. Based on Robi’s innovative “Robotics-as-a-Service” model, the Robi-servicebots are designed for deployment at Robi’s designated sales and service centers that need to deliver high-quality services to customers and users without the need for human interactions. These humanoids are perfectly suited and capable of ushering in a new era of service excellence for the technology service providers, fintech, retail, healthcare, hospitality and other services sectors.

The Private Cloud System, which is downloadable on the App Store and Google Play, allows users to take direct control of Robi-servicebots using their personal mobile devices, guiding the robots using manual controls or using Robi-servicebots’ built-in audio-visual features and HD cameras. The Robi-servicebots’ operating system supports data encryption and advanced access control for robust information security protection. Robi has worked closely with a high-tech research institution for the facilitation of the cloud-powered AI platform that makes the robi-servicebots an enigmatic reality.

Supported by these humanoids’ open API framework, Robi’s own IT development wing will create and deploy apps that will open up Robi-servicebots’ capabilities across a wide range of applications. These developers will have access to Robi-servicebots’ sophisticated AI system and will be able to take advantage of these robots’ advanced capabilities including face detection, semantic comprehension, 3D image sensing, and gesture interaction. This level of control and expandability enables Robi-servicebots to generate value to a wider range of service offerings.

Robi-servicebots can also act as “always-on” marketers to help drive sales and offer a unique way to share information on sales and promotions- increasing customer engagement and loyalty.
Not just the customers, the Robi-servicebots will also be a boon to existing Robi employees by being an always-available team member that can help facilitate communications and serve as a friendly, reliable companion. In that respect, Robi-servicebots are designed to be an excellent addition to selected workforce within Robi by delivering efficiency and allowing time savings in a way that complements human workers.

Robi’s Managing Director and CEO Mahtab Uddin Ahmed said: “The introduction of Artificial Intelligence powered Robi-servicebots clearly shows that Robi is leading the transformation journey towards becoming a truly digital company in the industry. As a customer-centric company, we are very happy to have Robi-servicebots strengthening our capacity to serve our customers better. We believe that this technology will also help the entire service sector to reinvent itself to serve the citizens of Digital Bangladesh in the near future.”

Commenting on the introduction of Robi-servicebots in Bangladesh, Robi’s Head of Information Technology, Asif Naimur Rashid said that: “Humanoids are working side by side with humans in tech-advanced countries of the world, so why not in Bangladesh? Our Robi-servicebots have the potential to reshape how service industries operate in Bangladesh. We’re very excited to be at the forefront of this artificial intelligence revolution in the country. Robi-servicebots are the culmination of years of research into artificial intelligence, machine learning and video and machine vision recognition. We truly believe that mankind and intelligent machines have a long and exciting journey ahead, we just need to act right on this.”

Dhaka, 21 January 2018